Biden is demanding a mammoth military aid package for Ukraine. Why is the US tax payer bankrolling the war in Ukraine, and who stands to gain from this?
Trump-era corporate journalism ceased to view real power centers as adversaries (CIA/NSA/FBI/WallSt). The real enemy are private citizens with the wrong…
My latest update on one of the worst media disinformation campaigns in modern U.S. political history.
Plus, new discussions of Urkaine: our weekly Callin show tonight, and my latest Tucker Carlson segment
Plus, new content: Callin show, Tablet Mag Webinar, and my latest Tucker Carlson segment.
I discussed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the debate over what role the U.S. Government should play, if any, in its outcome.
As the Canadian government escalates its financial war against the protesters of the trucker convoy, I explore the history of this dangerous form of…
Those pushing for more online censorship insist that private companies can engage in "content moderation" however they please. Even if true, that's not…
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